Review of child protection services must be seen as an opportunity

One of the many reasons why pam exists is to provide professionals working in difficult circumstances and in important areas the very best tools to help them do their job properly. In particular, this means our specialist solutions that help police forces and related agencies to tackle child protection issues. Maggie Blyth and David N Jones talk about the issues that may soon arise from a much-needed reshaping of the architecture of the child protection system. Their recent article for talks about possible changes and then warns of the risks of the review whilst still recognising the need for it.

We have all read the dreadful cases of children who were failed by the system in the past: children who ‘fell through the cracks’, where vital information wasn’t shared between organisations, lives which could have been saved and tragedies that could have been prevented. Whilst it is important to recognise the risks that can come from any sort of review this is actually a huge opportunity to change the way organisations in this area work. By joining up the system, sharing information and intelligence a bigger picture of a child’s circumstances can be understood in more ways than they currently are.

Blyth and Jones discuss and recognise the need for “sharing information between professionals. This needs organisations that are open, manage change well, understand performance and value a learning culture.” Change does bring risk but it’s also a great time to take advantage of new ways of working. Our Protecting Vulnerable People and Safeguarding solution is designed to enable innovative approaches to change, facilitating work to be done from one place and with closer collaboration across the board. Thereby closing the ’cracks’ that a fractured and multi-agency system can often mean.

By ensuring that a solution is in place to enable cohesion and collaboration some of the risks mentioned by Blyth and Jones can be mitigated and put to rest. As well as improving collaboration and joint working our solution allows for case reviews, investigations and audits. Accountability doesn’t need to disintegrate while change takes place or more agencies get involved, it can actually improve and governance be increased.

This complex area of work will always need constant review and appraisal, history tells us the stakes are too high if it’s not. However, with the right solution in place professionals can work in an environment that benefits from this constant change and flux in order to ensure the very best is being done to protect vulnerable people in our society.

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