pam provides cloud cover for public order in Merseyside

bnp-question-time-protest-image-2-369746158Merseyside Police has been using the pam platform for some time now, with great successes in the area of serious and organised crime, and protecting vulnerable people. They have also been using the cloud platform to cover and manage the public order events such as parades and marches that take place in the area.

pam is a cloud based platform that allows officers and staff in Merseyside Police to coordinate and manage the operations for policing public order events. It enables them to do this in a way that allows for the management and organisation of these large scale events with a number of different parties involved.

PC Scott Leven of Merseyside Police said: “The disparate nature of marches and parades means a great deal of internal planning is involved. The pam platform enables us to check list our duties in order to ensure that a safe and secure arena for peaceful protest is possible. By enabling us to standardise our approach to policing public order events we now have an accountable audit trail for all the events we work on.

“By following templates built by us, using the National Decision Making Model, the management of events has become quicker, easier and more efficient. All levels of staff and officers are able to access the relevant information quickly and easily, be it Gold, Silver or Bronze Commander down to operational level. We are able to easily manage workloads and we are no longer beholden to various incarnations of word and excel documents, often lost on people’s desktops.

“Working in ‘the cloud’ also ensures the absolute security of operational plans, intelligence and information much more easily than when things were simply printed out and carted around to various meetings.”

As parade season gets under way, and as policing resources continue to be tested it’s essential that police forces are doing all they can to police public order events in as streamlined and efficient way as possible. Learn more about the solution that helps Merseyside Police run their events. To find out more about how pam can help your organisation contact us now.

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