Serious & Organised Crime

Serious & Organised Crime costs the UK more than £24 billion each year

Tackling it effectively requires a multi-agency approach.  You can do it with pam

Demonstrate an integrated approach to tackling Organised Crime Groups (OCG's)

Engage with multi-agency partners using better tools and achieve more together

Get immediate insight on the impact resources are having against organised crime

HMIC rated Merseyside police Outstanding for its management of Serious & Organised Crime in a recent inspection

pam was commended for its role

4 P's: Pursue, Prevent, Protect, Prepare

  • Improve the visibility and consistency of your OCG disruption plans and wider 4P's work using repeatable templates adapted for your local need
  • Repeat what works, learn quickly from what doesn’t. Build your organisational memory and help the team continue to improve. pam's built in history and search let you review and learn from past decisions
  • Reinforce accountability both internally and with your partners with clearly owned, auditable tasks and deeper action plans
  • See trends across disruption plans to quickly identify vulnerabilities or priorities to focus resources on

pam enabled us to deliver a very quick and effective response to the burglaries against the Chinese community. It offered us co-ordinated management that fulfilled the 4 P’s framework laid out by the government’s Serious Organised Crime strategy.
DCS Paul Richardson, Merseyside Police

Evidence based results

  • Meets the national reporting requirements coming for all forces in 2017
  • Real time reporting means more timely decision making and better results
  • Clearly see the impact against threat areas over time
  • Aggregation to a regional and national level for overall performance and ease of comparison 

This will blow your socks off

ACC Steve Heywood, Greater Manchester Police

Multi-Agency intelligence sharing and improving pursuit success

  • Harness information in your community by securely sharing information with partners 
  • Collaborate locally, regionally and nationally all from the same trusted platform
  • Work with partners to deliver joint operations for even greater results.
  • pam is used across government from local authority councils to national enforcement bodies like the IPO and Environment Agency
  • Reduce the number and duration of multi-agency meetings by working smarter together in the cloud 
  • make better informed decisions from shared information, with confidence in the auditability and governance of work
  • Create and share dynamic local Serious & Organised crime profiles in your area

pam offers us a great way to enable the work of the GAIN, equipping our coordinators and partners with the tools they need to operate and collaborate well together.

Caroline Simpson, National GAIN coordinator (Government Agency Intelligence Network)