Multi-Agency Safeguarding and PVP

394,000 children are deemed to be 'in need'
1.9 million adults face domestic abuse each year 

Supporting them effectively requires a multi agency approach. You can do it with pam  

Demonstrate a consistent and joined up approach to safeguarding and Protecting Vulnerable People (PVP)

Safeguard and protect children & adults, victims of
domestic abuse and modern slavery, as well as individuals with mental health issues

Align around individuals that are known to multiple agencies

Get a clear view of the safeguarding caseload across all partners

Share resources to achieve more together at lower cost and risk 

Warwickshire MASH uses pam for safeguarding success 

See all your referrals in one place

  • Customise the referral process for how you work
  • Get a clear view of all referrals in progress 
  • Reduce threat to life by addressing high priority cases
  • Easily understand how quickly referrals are moving through your process 
  • Identify repeat referrals for escalation and action 
  • All partners share the same view whether co-located or part of a virtual team




We could not be without pam. It's the only place we can get a holistic view of the child and their circumstances to make better decisions, and then act on those decisions in a joined up fashion.
John Coleman, MASH Lead, Warwickshire MASH

Visibility with clear accountability

  • Understand demand and address root cause issues  
  • Manage referrals against agreed service levels
  • Demonstrate results for stakeholders 
  • Integrate with local reporting systems for deeper analysis 

Agencies are fulfilling their contribution and promises to the MASH and we can all see that happening in real time. No other system offered that.
John Coleman, MASH Lead, Warwickshire MASH

Protecting vulnerable people and dealing with perpetrators

  • Protect vulnerable people with a range of partnering tools & frameworks 
  • Collaborate safely with agency partners, and work with other interested parties e.g. Housing Associations 
  • Address perpetrators of crimes and reduce future threat of harm
  • Share information around offenders, gangs, organised crime groups in secure workspaces  


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The blueprint below shows the full range of work pam enables around multi-agency safeguarding and protecting vulnerable people