Prevent Coordination and Criminal Justice

Prevent channel, MAPPA and protecting vulnerable offenders 

Supporting them effectively requires a multi-agency approach.  You can do it with pam

Develop an integrated approach to tackling Prevent referrals

Engage with multi-agency partners to supporting victims and vulnerable offenders in need of protection

Work across the whole criminal justice lifecycle including IOM, MAPPA and Restorative Justice


Offender Management; Prevent to Rehabilitation

  • Quickly and securely manage and share information in relation to Prevent referrals across your partnership 
  • Securely case manage persons of interest and known offenders and deliver collaborative action plans to disrupt their activity or protect them during rehabilitation  
  • Share a single view of an offender for truly integrated offender management 
  • Manage the impact of offending on communities with a collaborative approach to MAPPA
  • Work across county lines and organisational boundaries to deliver the best results for the public 

We could not be without pam. It's the only place we can get a holistic view ... to make better decisions, and then act on those decisions in a joined up fashion.

Protecting victims and safeguarding vulnerable offenders

  • Manage individuals through the National Referral Mechanism (NRM)
  • Secure case management for victims of crime and vulnerable offenders to support them through their recovery or rehabilitation
  • Collaboratively Manage Risk around an individual 
  • Handle victim complaints in a secure and timely manner
  • Provide clear and effective management of multi agency safeguarding referrals 
  • Deliver effective joined up Restorative Justice for victims

pam enabled us to deliver a very quick and effective response


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Articles and video resources that will help you learn more:

The blueprint below shows the full range of work pam enables around Prevent and wider Justice collaboration