What you can use pam for

pam supports a huge range of work that has information sharing and collaboration at its core.  

We have built specialist tools and workspaces to help you get the jobs done well. 

Examples include:


  • Information sharing
  • Internal and external collaboration
  • Secure file storage and transfer
  • Virtual partner meetings
  • Project planning and delivery
  • Emergency services and force collaboration
  • Strategic alliance management 

Serious & Organised Crime 

  • 4P's planning and response
  • OCG and nominal management
  • Evidence based results tracking
  • Multi-Agency intelligence sharing
  • Strategic assessments
  • Dynamic local crime profiles
  • Tasking & co-ordination

Multi-Agency Safeguarding

  • MASH referral tracking and case management
  • Complex and chaotic subject management
  • Serious case reviews & multi-agency investigations 
  • Joint area inspections
  • Co-located or virtual team working
  • Performance reporting & demand management
  • Protecting vulnerable people & dealing with perpetrators

Information Security 

  • EU GDPR including privacy impact assessment PIA and privacy by design
  • Systems certification using NIST and local developed solutions
  • Demonstrate compliance with HMG SPF and ISO 27001
  • Information and cyber security risk management
  • Co-ordinate and control supply chain risks by working with suppliers