PCCs can use bad PR as a spur for change

The new PCCs met the Home Secretary today, amid more bad publicity – this time surrounding the appointment of their assistants and deputies.

The Mail on Sunday has headlined their article about the appointments the Thin Blue Gravy Train, and blogger Topofthecop.com has poked fun at the way the appointments are being made.

But all this noise misses the point. The PCCs have a chance to fundamentally change the way policing and their inter-agency projects are delivered.

Here at Alliantist, we are great believers in joined-up ways of working and thinking. If the politicians and the new PCCs can grasp this, there is a way open for much improved efficiency and better lines of communication, that can deliver an improved public sector ecosystem.

It will require bravery from the PCCs, because it will mean challenging the status quo, and taking on established ways of working.

Lets hope that such new ways of working are part of the agenda of the PCCs meeting with the Home Secretary Theresa May.

One things for sure, in the current political climate, it is essential that new ways of working are found to deliver more, with less.

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