Public service ecosystem and new ways of working

A great example of the new ways of working in the public service ecosystem is taking shape – one which Alliantist is delighted to support.

Clarent Commerce CIC has been created to partner effectively and bring together the public sector, private and third sectors.

We are delighted to be supporting Clarent as it brings this new business model to market with partners already using pam.

Clarent Commerce CIC, a community interest company – like Alliantist’s sister company Achieve More CIC – will compete for business in the public service arena, and all profits made from its trading activities will will be used to support deserving community-based projects run by the voluntary sector.

Existing pam customer Excalibur Procurement Services Ltd, the parent company, will own only 51 per cent of the new company, with the other 49 per cent being co-owned by nine Probation Trusts – many of whom use pam too – at no cost to the public other than the nominal price of the company shares.

Ian Clarke, Excalibur’s Managing Director, says: that “Clarent brings a new dynamic to the provision of professional services and allows us to continue to support the development of public services.”

Clarent’s partnership with the Probation trusts is a great example of the new ways of working needed to deliver public services, and the company’s goals are closely alligned with ours here at Alliantist – to support innovation and collaboration.

Helping achieve these goals in  public service with new ways of working and thinking is what pam is all about, so Clarent and pam are a perfect match.

The partnership of Clarent and pam will provide a platform for innovation and change, and help to bring new ways of working to the public sector.

But more than that, Achieve More CIC was set up to help critical, yet vulnerable services to achieve better outcomes… and offers organizations which meet this criteria the chance to use pam at no cost to themselves.

The congruence of Alliantist’s and Clarent’s aims are obvious, and we wish them every success in their endeavours.

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