Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and the need for new ways of working

While researching the election manifestos of the newly elected PCCs, it was obvious, and pleasing, how many of the new commissioners see that finding new ways of working in a multi-agency environment as being a very important part of their remit.

The PCCs are facing enormous challenges in dealing with a whole range of issues that affect policing, from reduced budgets to a perceived need among the electorate for policing to be more visible.

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And many of the PCCs seem to have cottoned on to the fact that they will have to improve the way multi-agency projects deliver these needs.

Bob Jones, the new West Midlands PCC, wrote that he and his Chief Constable, Chris Sims “share a vision for the Force which will see technology deliver innovation and new ways of working which we hope will result in radical improvement in the services delivered to those that live and work in the West Midlands”.

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Bill Longmore, West Mercia PCC, wrote in his election manifesto that he wanted to develop “new and innovative partnership opportunities to enhance measures already in place to prevent crime and disorder”.

And Tim Passmore, the new PCC for Suffolk, wrote that he plans to “use the Commissioners powers to support agency collaboration, early intervention, joined up thinking and positive action”.

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It is great to see that many of the new commissioners are grasping the need to use new technology and, perhaps more importantly, new ways of thinking about inter-agency collaboration to drive out cost, bring in efficiencies and improve the way the force delivers its service to the electorate.

One thing’s for sure, the PCCs will have to be at the core of a new approach to delivering public services if they are to prove the naysayers wrong, and justify the existence of their office to the wider community.

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