pam is available on the G-Cloud IV framework!

pam, the powerful cloud software from Alliantist is now available over the new G-Cloud IV Government framework.   Available in up to IL2 and up to IL3 versions, pam is the only platform of its type with pan government accreditation (PGA) for up to IL3 information.

pam enables you to share information and benefit from new ways of working in a secure, trusted environment. It has all the features you expect from collaboration software.  Unlike other generic services however it also equips teams with the dynamic tools, frameworks and pre-configured solutions that lead to even faster, more effective results, at lower cost.

In addition to G-Cloud, pam is still accessible over Sprint II as well as sourcing direct from Alliantist or the pam partners.  As the government matures its approach with G-Cloud IV the pam offering is evolving as well.  pam has a core collaboration option, ‘pam collaborate,’ which offers everything you would expect from a collaboration service, as well as in-built measurement capability using key performance indicators along with a place to store and use tools.  This is standard functionality and not available from other collaboration providers.

The pam ecosystem also enables users to future proof their investment and achieve so much more for less with pam solutions and specialist partners who help organisations change for the better.  These solutions include restricted information (IL3) work such as Integrated Victim and Offender Management, Safeguarding, Organised Crime Groups, Urban Street Gangs, Troubled Families and ASB.  Strategic and business solutions normally delivered at protect level (IL2) include change management, commissioning, internal and multi agency board working, mergers, strategic relationship management and business management as well as more traditional projects, programmes and contract management.

Mark Darby is Chief Executive of Alliantist, the organisation behind pam.  He commented: “It’s clear the government’s ‘cloud first’ agenda is gaining traction, which is good news for agencies and departments to help them save money and get more value.  It’s also good news for innovative SME’s like us who have invested heavily in building pan-government accredited solutions in collaboration with specific agencies and would benefit from a wider audience for them.  All of our success to date has come from engaging direct with customers and via the Sprint II framework so with our investments in this framework we anticipate G-Cloud to form part of that success in future too.”

Sam Peters is Head of Productions, Operations and Customers for pam.  He said: “Having successfully gone through the very stringent pan-government accreditation process for IL3 working, pam offers customers an unrivalled level of security and robustness.  It quickly gives confidence to all multi agency partners working together that they can trust pam.  We are proud of that achievement and welcome greater education across government on the topic.  With increasing cyber crime and high reputational as well as financial costs from security failures, not all IL3 services are equal.  We encourage buyers to look very closely at what they are buying and whether it has the pan-government level of accreditation for such sensitive information working.”

The press release download: pam_G-Cloud_iv_release_ver_1.1

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