Using Discussions to engage others


Discussions enable you to have a conversation within a particular pam Initiative. They ensure all communications related to one thing are recorded in one place, accessible to every Team member of that Initiative. This guide will show you how to create, reply to and find a previous Discussion.


Creating a Discussion within an Initiative

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 11.14.28

Selecting the Discussions tab from within any Initiative will present you with a list of all existing Discussions. To create a new Discussion, click the New Discussion button.

Enter a title and content, if there are files to support your Discussion topic, you can upload them here by clicking ‘Choose File’.

Choosing to notify a Team member will send them an email notification, but everyone in the Initiative will be able to see the Discussion through their pam updates feed.

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Replying to a Discussion

Type a response to a discussion in the text box at the bottom of thread

The top right hand corner of each Discussion post will show who was notified and when it was posted.

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When responding you can choose to notify the same Team members that were notified by the creator, or only notify certain Team members that need to see your response.

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