Working with Initiatives

What is an Initiative?

Initiatives are the specialist work areas in pam you have access to and an Initiative is simply a well organised place to get work your done.  We have made getting work done easier by configuring different Initiative options based on the type of work you are doing. Some customers have just one of the initiative types turned on (solving a specific issue) and others have all of them available for doing lots of different work on the platform.

The Initiatives

For guidance on choosing the right Initiative for your work, download our pam Initiative chooser now.  Not all customers have subscribed to all initiative types. So if you can't see the initiative type you want in your environment please contact us.

If you want to explore the Initiatives individually, use the links further down the page.


A simple space to work alone or collaborate with others using basic functionality which is Tasks, Discussions, Documents. On occasion you might also want to use KPIs and tools to make better decisions in the same environment.

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A workplace for yourself or with others to organise and structure work in a SMART fashion with a pragmatic approach to project management. You can assure delivery by certain dates and show results visually with evidence of outcomes and enjoy automated reporting. Projects could be one off or repeated using pre-built frameworks.

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An area for you and or others to move and track small structured pieces of fast-paced work through a simple process, from an incoming request through to the effective
closure of the item within clear timelines. You can visualise all your Track items and that of the team in one place.

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A place to work, usually in a multi agency capacity, around specific individuals or groups of individuals who are causing harm or at risk of harm. It's beyond case management, more focused on change and transformation to address root cause issues.


A place to manage information and collaborate around important relationship activity you have with another organisation where you typically want to keep the information private within your organisation. Relationship work can include contact and contract management.

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The tools enable working with proven methodologies that also help guide towards better outcomes or demonstrate that relevant guidance is being followed

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