The 5Cs and how we help make it happen for policing

I recently wrote about the challenges for the country in terms of how the public service delivery system is broken and what needs to be considered for sustainable change.

From a police led perspective there is much going on, with all of it wrapped around the Strategic Policing Requirements, summarised by 5Cs.  These aim to join up the system and ensure a coordinated approach; Capacity and Contribution; Capability, Consistency and Connectivity. Those 5Cs coupled with the recent research issued around police transformation, National Audit Office reports and HMIC Inspections, reinforces the need to resolve key issues. Many we are addressing on the ground today with pam*:

  1. Information sharing and better, lower cost working in force, cross force collaboration and with local, regional and national partners
  2. Mobile and always on secure engagement to prevent waste, save time and make better decisions more quickly at the pit face
  3. Demonstrated accountability and consistency with audit trails and knowledge management to harness what works, and learn quickly from what doesn’t

Our philosophy is one of ‘better than before’ and using agile work practices, demonstrating the power of small wins with pam.  It’s something a little alien to a government previously used to very large procurements and multi year investments before seeing value (not all of which pay off).  But if you ask our customers, they welcome the chance to see and experience change, sometimes within days.  In these times of making sure that every penny counts, we are fortunate to be able to shine a positive light on taxpayer investments and are doing our bit to make sure that the system continue to adapt and evolve to its changing landscape.

*Most of our case studies and work with law enforcement cannot be publicised due to its sensitivity.  If you are in Law Enforcement and want to know more, then by all means get in touch and we can share more details with you.


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