PCC: a chance to reinvent how justice gets done

Today heralds the start of a new era in Criminal Justice as Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections take place across the country.  Whether you agree or disagree, they are here and PCCs are expected to offer a fresh perspective on addressing the challenges that face police and other criminal justice agencies like probation.  They have to positively affect communities now and in the future.

So PCC’s are going to have to reinvent how work gets done, and this change provides a great opportunity to redefine the commissioning and delivery model for each of our local communities as well as how national resources are optimised. There will need to be greater accountability, faster and better decision making and a much great sharing of limited resources across partner agencies not least because of affordability constraints alongside growing demands.

Of course there are positive practices on the ground already and many Authorities should be celebrated for their efforts at driving change.  Alliantist already works with a number of pioneering police authorities committed to enabling change and delivering better outcomes. They use pam for a range of initiatives, collectively focused on change and relationship success.  It has been in use at West Midlands Police Authority for its transition work, and is at the heart of The Office of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner’s (OSPCC) transformation programme too.

Debbie Beck, Senior Policy Officer at OSPCC says “pam is proving a great tool for us and, in just a short space of time, we are all better informed and have a wider perspective on work across all areas, not just those we have responsibility for. This can only be of benefit as we move into our new world!”

Lets give change a chance and see it as opportunity not threat. Platforms like pam (and we in Alliantist) are proud to be helping enable the change to improve community outcomes at lower cost.  Its also about making the lives easier of the workers who deliver the service so they can achieve more with less and focus on what to do for the community rather than how to do it.

pam has a full suite of capability for commissioning, agency and provider management as well as 21st century collaboration and business management.  Its wrapped up in a government accredited secure service, so its no wonder pam is fast becoming the choice of forward thinking commissioners and responsible providers.

To learn more about how we can help PCCs with delivering sustainable change and relationship success at a lower cost contact james.hendy@alliantist.com.




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