Looking back and looking ahead, with pam

It’s a quiet time of year to be at work, so it’s a perfect opportunity to look over our achievements at Alliantist, as we plan for the future. So, with that in mind, I’ve been looking at all of our customer recommendations and stories in our video archive.

You can see many of them here on our YouTube channel.

Looking through them all, you really get a sense of how pam is helping many different types of organisation achieve more, and how much our customers really appreciate pam – and the efforts we at Alliantist have put in to help them adopt pam.

Two examples of the way Alliantist work with customers really stick out for me…

Matt Douglas, Head of Offender Services for Dorset Probation Trust, said: “We had a lot of support from Alliantist, particularly around developing the tool to ensure it met the business needs of Dorset Probation Trust and probation users.

“We found the ongoing training particularly important… The support from Alliantist, and the identification of [pam] champions, helped significantly with the successful roll out of pam.”

And that’s just the sort of recommendation we love to hear. We pride ourselves on not only delivering a great product, but also working closely with our customers to ensure they get the outcomes they want.

We see pam as a platform for change, one that is truly adaptable to our customers’ needs.

Palvinder Chahal, Programme Manager for Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust (SWMPT), is also a fan of pam.

He said: “I’ve worked with Alliantist now for over two years. Many of the features you see in the application have been the result of a successful collaboration between the two organisations.”

SWMPT was created by an amalgamation of the former Staffordshire and West Midlands area trusts, and pam was used to facilitate this merger.

Palvinder added that he found Alliantist to be “much more responsive than any organisations in the IT industries”.

He went further, saying: “We needed to develop a specific feature in the application around management of work. From specifying the need through to delivering the solution was… a very good turnaround and has actually led to a successful outcome.”

These recommendations give you a quick snapshot of the way Alliantist works adaptively and closely with its customers, to help them achieve their goals.

The added benefit for all our customers is that, just as Alliantist and pam have benefited enormously from these alliances, so can they. Through the shared knowledge and experience of Alliantist and its customers, pam is the most responsive and adaptable platform for change and success.

And as we look forward to the New Year, the great new developments in pam that we will be unveiling will only serve to illustrate this point further.

Watch this space!

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