Better Information Security Management reduces risks and saves money

A police force was fined £160k earlier this year by the Information Commissioner’s Office. Threat to life risks are also significant from inadequate security when partnering.  Better information security management practices can save money, reduce risk and give confidence to staff and partners in delivery of their work.

Of course every penny counts and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) must become ingrained into the work of the police at a low operational cost. The current poor state of police IT systems outlined by the recent PEEL report on police efficiency emphasises the dire need to update and improve systems.

Security breach risks and costs can be mitigated from advancing police technology, especially by encouraging the move toward a paperless environment and joined up systems. In fact, the Information Commissioner’s Office reported last week that the majority of breaches are still through paper and old fashioned ways of working.

So what can be done about this growing problem?  Alliantist, the makers’ of pam, the powerful cloud software already in use across policing, has come up with one solution. It is launching an online information security management system that is already proven and UKAS accredited to ISO 27001: 2013.  It is a fraction of the cost of existing management systems.  There is also the potential to tie into existing operational work on the platform, lowering costs further and increasing benefits for users.

“ The best implementation of an ISO 27001:2013 UKAS Accredited Information Security Management System”

UKAS Certified Accreditor, October 2014

Having packaged it for public service and private industry, Alliantist has coined the service ISMS.Online, and more information is available here.  Existing pam customers and public service organisations can also get this solution through their pam platform. You might want to pass this onto your Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) or your Information Security Officer. Our team will be pleased to share more about the solution with them.



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