Creating and using To-dos


pam offers you the ability to assign Tasks to yourself and others, and they can assign them to you. These Tasks (along with Activities from Projects) are collected together as a list of To-dos in a practical and efficient space with all your work ‘to do’ in one place.

Your To-do list

You can access your personal To-do list from the You menu on the main navigation bar as seen above, which includes all Tasks and Activities related to you from Initiatives and beyond. The To-dos in a Project or Account have their own tab in the specific Project or Account area. Overdue tasks or activities are highlighted red to draw them to your attention.

Filtering your To-do list

You can select what you want to see in your To-do list to include tasks you’ve set others and your own completed tasks as well as activities from Projects that you are responsible for.


List and Calendar View

You can also filter your To-do list to display tasks in a calendar, showing each activity or task on its due date, by selecting Weekly or Monthly. In the calendar view, you have the ability to drag and drop To-dos in order to change their due date.


You can choose to sync your to-do list with your email calendar, learn how to do that here.


Creating a new Task

For users with modern browsers you can simply use the orange Task it’ box on the homepage screen.  All users can also create tasks from the To Do list and within each initiative area.

Enter your task description, choose an initiative if relevant, then the individual or team to assign it to, and click post task.


You can also choose to create the task within an initiative that it relates to and set a due date with notes if required.

Once your task has been created, it will appear in your To-do list and the list of the desired recipient/s who will also get an email notification.

Upcoming and Overdue To-dos

The Upcoming and Overdue To-dos widget that can be found on your Homepage is a great way to view your To-dos, as it allows you to see which tasks or activities are due and overdue, allowing you to prioritize your work. Learn more about customising your Homepage widgets.

Completing and editing Tasks

Clicking on a task in your To-do list will allow you to:

  • Accept or decline the task – Accepting a task will notify the sender that you have accepted the task. Choosing to decline a task will also notify the sender, however it will give you the option to include your reason for declining. Once declined, the task will be removed from your To-do list.
  • Complete it – Completing a task will mark the task as complete and remove it from your active To-do list (you can easily find it again using the relevant filters in your To Do list).
  • Edit it (change the task description, notes, due date or owner – all of which are version controlled for learning and audit purposes)
  • Delete it (if you created the task, not if someone else gave it to you!)

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