Editing a users settings

User Preferences

Every user in pam has a preferences page, this page allows the you or your organisations pam admin to edit a range of settings;

Users will be able to change:

  • Password
  • Visibility to other pam users
  • Frequency of email notifications
  • In addition pam administrators will be able to;

  • Change the Organisation a user belongs to
  • Add or remove Roles
  • Add or remove Permissions
  • Add new Team Memberships

  • How to access a preferences page

    Accessing your own preferences page

    1. Click your name in the top right corner of pam

    To access another user’s preferences page (pam admins only)

    1. Click on My Organisation in the top right of them main navigation
    2. Click the registered users tab
    3. Find the user you want to work with in the list
    4. Click on the users name
    5. Click on the preferences tab


    Roles and Permissions

    There are certain roles and permissions that can be granted to individual users which allow them additional rights to view or administer the initiatives and users within your pam organisation.

    Role on pltaform

  • pam Administrator – Granting a user this role will allow them to create, manage and deactivate new users within your organisation. It will also allow them to edit the organisations profile in pam as well as request amendments to its security settings.
  • Overview Permissions

    These permissions only apply if your organisation uses the Accounts or Subjects initiative areas within pam

    The overview permissions area will list a row for Accounts and a row for each Subject type you have access to. Against each row you will see three permission levels for that user;

  • No Additional Rights – This is the standard permission level and means that the user will only be able to access those initiatives they are teamed into
  • Access – This allows the user to view all initiatives of this type within your organisation, they will be able to add Tasks, Notes, Discussions, Documents and KPIs as if they were a team member
  • Administer – This allows the user to administer all initiatives of this type within your organisation, they will be able to add new team members change permissions, update and even delete initiatives
    Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.17.14


    Team Memberships

    The Team Membership section allows you to quickly add a user to any initiatives that you have permission to administer in pam.

    You will see a list of all initiatives you have access to along with the level of team membership you would like to give to the user you are editing, “none” is selected by default but you can grant them “Access” or “Administer” rights as needed. Note, you cannot remove team memberships via this interface, you will need to access the initiative directly to remove a user from the team.

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