Managing your Profile


The personal profile feature helps pam users to manage information about themselves. You can find a link to your profile in the top right hand corner of any pam page, simply click on your name and your pam profile will open.

To have an effective place within a trusted community, people need to understand more about each other. Keeping your profile up to date can help with this.

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Key features of your Profile

  • Your biography including your organisation and role
  • Contact details and links
  • An optional photo
  • Knowledge and skill sets
  • Areas of interest
  • Preference settings for visibility and how you would like pam to keep you updated
  • Managing your password

How to add or change your details

  • Select the Profile option from the You dropdown in the main menu, this will display your Profile as seen by others
  • To change your Profile picture, contact details, biography or tags, click the purple Edit profile button
  • To edit your account settings click Preferences


To comply with Data Protection & privacy laws you have the option to lock down the visibility of your profile so others can’t see you. Please be aware that doing so may mean they are also unable to add you to initiatives so you can work with them.

In order to build the community, increase your network of contacts and opportunities and share and exchange information outside your organisation, we recommend you increase your profile level of visibility to the maximum level using the options on the ‘Preferences’ tab.

  • All pam users your profile will be visible to all users in the community area
  • Anyone I work with using pam is an option for those who want only to be visible to their organisation and anyone from an organisation linked or partnered with their organisation
  • The My organisation setting makes your details only available to people within the organisation you belong to, and partners who are associated to your organisation
  • The Private option hides your details from all general members of pam; your details will remain visible to your organisation’s pam administrator and any system administrators
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Receiving Notifications

pam sends notifications when key events that affect you happen. That could be someone assigning you a task or notifying you in a discussion, or it could be a reminder to contact a specific stakeholder or to review a risk.

It is possible to set pam to not send you these notifications, although we would strongly advise against this. If you choose to disable notifications we would advise you to check your pam updates feed daily to make sure other people on the team with you aren’t trying to reach you.

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