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Our mission is to make the world a better place by equipping people to get their work done well.

  • Mark Darby
  • Mona Bartley
  • Sam Peters

The world of work is complex. More than ever before we rely on others to help us achieve results. But you can’t expect people to act differently if you don’t equip them to do so.

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The Alliantist story

  • Alliantist celebrates 10 years
    We mark that milestone with a return to offering private sector solutions, alongside existing trusted public sector services.

  • Awarded ISO 27001: 2013
    We successfully migrate to the new ISO 27001: 2013 standard. Meaning users can be sure we know our stuff when it comes to information security management. We live by what we preach. Much of our public sector work is also now of a sensitive nature and not allowed to be promoted.

    pam becomes the first cloud platform to meet the pan-government security requirements for sharing information and working up to OFFICIAL SENSITIVE levels.

  • PSN Accreditation
    We proudly receive PSN Accreditation and enable pam provision over that secure government network alongside existing access over the PNN, GSI and GCSX. Further proof of our security credentials.

  • First for IL3 RESTRICTED
    pam is the first organisation in the world to be awarded pan-government accreditation for IL3 RESTRICTED information sharing in the fields we operate, reinforcing our credentials as the trusted platform and provider of cloud services.

  • Awarded UKAS approved ISO 27001
    We are awarded UKAS approved ISO 27001, offering our customers a completely integrated assurance of their whole service.

  • Enabling justice partners to work better together
    Alliantist innovates with its customers and continues to invest in development of secure cloud workspaces. We go way beyond generic collaboration services.

  • Alliantist continues to grow
    Alliantist now has a bigger team of people and continues to grow. In addition to our core team, we also live our partnering values by having world leaders run our outsourced datacentre operations.

  • Focus on criminal justice
    Having initially focused on criminal justice we are proud to have supported a large amount of probation and police forces as well as many of their partners.

  • Sussex Business Awards
    Alliantist are named runner-up for best new business in Sussex.

  • ‘Alliance Brand’ book launched
    CEO and founder Mark Darby’s leading book on partnerning, ‘Alliance Brand’, is published. Leading a small team Mark brings the book alive through the creation of pam.

  • Alliantist founded
    Mark Darby launches Alliantist as a specialist partnering and alliance services provider.

The pam people – core team

We’re a well balanced team of professionals. We’re passionate about our work and highly driven to help you achieve better results, together. Each one of us brings something unique to the team.

Sam Peters

Sam Peters

Operations Director

Dom Holmes

Chief Technology Officer
Katie Coakes

Katie Coakes

Communications Manager
Dan Eastwell

Dan Eastwell

Lead Front End Developer
Mark Darby

Mark Darby

Founder and Chief Executive
Barry Corney

Barry Corney

Finance Director
Andy Fox

Andy Fox

Head of Design

Mona Bartley

Lead Software Tester
Stuart Johnson

Stuart Johnson

Head of Infrastructure & Architecture
Frank Jones

Frank Jones

Tom King

Tom King

Account and Partner Manager
Lorenzo Lopez

Lorenzo Lopez

Senior Developer
Roy Crombleholme

Roy Crombleholme

Systems Administrator

A close and trusted network of specialist partners

We work with world class specialists for their areas of expertise, and complement with other partners and associates in development and delivery. This gives us the benefit of being small and agile with lower overheads, whilst able to collaborate with others to offer greater scale and depth where required.

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‘Achieve More’ community interest company

We all understand the pressures on the country, and if we continue to do what we have always done, we’ll get what we have always got. Clearly, that is not good enough. And the level of thinking that caused the state we are in is not going to get us out of it either. So it’s time for change.

But change won’t come about because of Government rhetoric, it’s got to happen on the ground. Whether you define Community at a Ward or National level, the ecosystem/s contains complex relationships and interactions among its stakeholders. These interactions are what make the whole thing work (or not).  By making the interactions better, we can enhance the way the ecosystem works and improve the outcomes from it. The only way for the Government and Society to achieve its mission is to equip the participants to get better results, together.

This is where Achieve More CIC comes in. It is our Public Service focused subsidiary. pam is helping change the shape of the Community landscape because we equip vulnerable yet critical participants in the public service ecosystem for free to work better together with their partners, the agencies and public bodies who use also use pam.

If you are a voluntary, community or small charity working with public service in mind, learn how to get pam for free.

*Derivatives of pam are also sold within a ‘whitelabel’ framework with and through partners.


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