West Midlands Police Authority eye pam for PCC transition and future delivery

West Midlands Police Authority will be using web based collaboration platform pam to assist with the transition and delivery work associated with the change in police governance, when police authorities are replaced by directly elected Police and Crime Commissioners. A spokesperson for West Midlands Police Authority said “pam should enable us to work more effectively with colleagues in the Force, local authorities and elsewhere as we undertake the work to ensure a smooth transition from the Authority to the new Police and Crime Commissioner. The introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners impacts on a number of organisations and it is essential that our work ensures the continued delivery of policing that meets the needs of those that live and work in the West Midlands.”

pam’s unique combination of tools and features will equip West Midlands Police Authority to work in ways that  are accountable, efficient, inclusive and collaborative; to deliver successful outcomes in the transition period and beyond. Mark Darby, Chief Executive of Alliantist said “We are really excited to be working with West Midlands Police Authority during this historic change to police governance. pam will greatly assist in helping them work on the key things that need to be done well  for the PCC to be a success.”

pam was built on Alliantist’s expertise in getting people and organisations to work in partnership, and a passion for driving business change. pam helps individuals and organisations across the public service ecosystem to adopt 21st century ways of  working so they achieve more and forge a stronger community together.

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