Why we’re reinventing the way you work on referrals / correspondence (and a peek at our upcoming Tracks feature)

We’ve been taking a closer look at the way people manage referrals, correspondence and other fast paced knowledge work.

Here’s why:

  • People find it difficult to visualise, manage and prioritise work.
  • Work often happens in silos, rather than in collaboration.
  • Bottlenecks are hidden.
  • It’s not easy to ensure work flows through the system and gets delivered to those that need it.

If you’re familiar with our values, you’ll know we’re always aiming to find new ways of working. So we’ve taken a fresh approach to this in pam…

Working with The Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN), we’ve designed a new way of visualising and managing ‘just-in-time’ work.

The concept is based on a Kanban board, allowing you to visualise your work items on a number of columns. As work flows from left to right, each column represents the status of the work, for example ‘To-do’, ‘Doing’, ‘Pending response’ ‘Resolved’. You see a shared team view of all the work that is in the system which encourages prioritisation and collaborative working. Bottlenecks are easy to spot and holdups can be solved meaning work flows more smoothly and gets done.


pam collaboration software tracks


Whilst it’s early days, GAIN are now piloting Tracks on our IL3 / Official sensitive platform. They’re using it to manage referrals and share information between Government Agencies such as FSA, IPO and ACRO. We’ve been evaluating use of the new design and whilst we’re always learning, so far uptake has been positive.

It’s use is not limited to just referral or correspondence work. We’ve also been using it internally (there’s nothing like eating your own dog food, right?), to help us manage and deliver development of the feature itself. I have to say it’s quite satisfying physically seeing the work move from start to finish! You need to see it for yourself though…

Do you think it could help with your work? Want to learn more? Get in touch…

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