Privacy & Visibility

Who can see my work on pam?

Your work remains private on pam until you choose to share it, and you can’t see anybody else’s work until they choose to share it with you.

The first time you log in to pam, you might be teamed in to several Initiatives already, or you may have an empty environment. If you’re not sure who can see the work you’re doing on pam, here’s a brief guide to how it all works.


Your work will become visible to other users of pam if it’s done within an Initiative that they’re a member of. To check who will have visibility of what’s going on in any Initiative, simply click on “Team” in the top right hand corner, as shown below.

Team Button

This will open a list of team members, all of these people will have visibility of anything within the Initiative. But their ability to amend or change work will depend on their team member permissions for that Initiative.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 09.56.53

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