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I would recommend Tracks to anybody that deals with correspondence

Those of you who regularly check in to read the pam people blog posts will already Yvonne Fenwick Dorset PCCknow about our exciting new feature, Tracks. Here at pam HQ, we’ve been using Tracks for a range of things from tracking platform development to logging customer suggestions, and we love it! So I was delighted to learn when I spoke to Yvonne Fenwick from the Office of the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner that it’s been just as successful for her in a different field of work.

Yvonne and her team have been using Tracks as part of Dorset PCC’s organisation-wide pilot, (Dorset PCC are no strangers to innovation). As Executive Support Officer, part of Yvonne’s daily role is to ensure incoming correspondence is responded to promptly – this correspondence can include anything from complaints to enquiries, and come through the post, on the telephone or via email. As one might imagine, this volume of varied communication gives potential for a bureaucratic and sometimes slow-moving or disjointed process, but since adopting Tracks, Yvonne has found correspondence work to be much, much easier. The first thing she said to me when catching up over the phone was:

Tracks is brilliant

Tracks was designed to allow you to visually manage your work as it transitioned from start to finish in one place. This has been the perfect way to manage Yvonne’s correspondence workflow in a joined up way with her team.  “It works brilliantly to have the overview of the screen, and we can sit down and talk about work overload now because I can see how much others have on their plate – I would recommend Tracks to anybody that deals with correspondence.”

As those of you who have experience in roles similar to that of Yvonne will know, tracking work as it moves from person to person can be challenging. It’s always difficult to keep an eye on all the work going on within a team at any one time. This is one of the fundamental reasons we built Tracks, because now, you can work like Yvonne and visually take note of where each piece of work is, who’s doing it and what might be holding it up. Teams can be united on one page, and monitor themselves and each other with more efficiency than ever before.

pam Tracks correspondence

So Tracks have proved to be a fantastic way of working collectively for Yvonne and her team, but it’s also been beneficial in auditing and demonstrating what they’ve achieved to present to management. The last column of their track, ‘Resolved’ has been used as a means of showing their results. “We can use it (Tracks) for correspondence instead of little post-it notes, you never lose it and it’s always there. Then we can use the Resolved column to demonstrate what we’ve done” This in addition to the possibilities available to them through pam Projects, Accounts and Groups means that Dorset PCC are managing their collective work in an environment that provides higher visibility and enables superior collaboration.

It’s still early days for Tracks, and it continues to evolve as we learn how people use it.

Are you responsible for managing correspondence at your organisation? Get in touch with us now to find out more about how Tracks could be the perfect solution for you and your team.

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