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Salford City Council and Greater Manchester Police overcome challenges by adopting pam

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An article published in the Guardian through its Public Leaders Network demonstrates how Salford City Council and Greater Manchester Police are using pam to help forge a stronger community.  No stronger (recent) symbol of tragedy exists in society than that of the … Read more


pam helping agency partners address troubled families, guns and organised crime

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pam, the platform for change and relationship success, has been adopted by both Greater Manchester Police and Salford City Council for multi agency collaboration around guns, gangs, knife crime, troubled families and serious organised crime.   It will be rolled out … Read more


Alliantist sets the blueprint for stronger communities

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Alliantist has developed a ground breaking approach to Integrated Neighbourhood Management (INM) delivered through pam and inspired by working with Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood of Greater Manchester Police. INM is a way of harnessing key stakeholders, so they work better together … Read more

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