Multi agency network unites to beat organised crime

Serious and organised crime costs the country more than £24bn per annum, and the threat is increasing from many different thematic areas by a large number of Organised Crime Groups (OCGs). Adjacent crime and protection issues increase this cost too – it is certainly a major area to seek solutions around.

It’s no wonder that the government, Police and Crime Commissioners and Police Chiefs are faced with difficult decisions on how to optimise limited and reducing resources.

It’s not all bad news though, there are reasons to be cheerful. Police and partners are responding to the threat from serious and organised crime.  Our first example is from the Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN).

Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN)

“pam has brought it [information and process] into one place, made it portable and accessible, we can use it wherever we are and it means we’re not using many systems; I’m using one system now.”

Neil Fellingham, South East GAIN Coordinator

GAIN is into its second year of working on pam, growing its use over its time. This key government network embodies collaboration where potentially over 100 organisations can be connected together in future.

By employing pam, GAIN epitomises efficient and effective multi-agency working. Over 20 core partner agencies are being connected together to share intelligence and undertake joint operations.  Results are thus driven up where time savings, improved partner coordination and increased intelligence are leading to better decisions.

There are a range of other operational areas that pam enables for GAIN too and you can see the public facing video here which illustrated how GAIN came about:

Partners are seeing the benefit too and some have even subscribed to pam for their wider organisational and other partner use:

“With GAIN, the partners have a unique opportunity to harness their collective knowledge in the pursuit of a common purpose. This (pam) is a formidable tool for dealing with problems created by serious and organised crime”

Andy Tillman, Head of National Trading Standard Intelligence Team & GAIN Partner

The second example is here about Merseyside Police.

*We are unable to share sensitive information over the public pages. So if you are a GAIN partner and want to get connected, or are involved in Law Enforcement and interested in learning more about GAIN and how it uses pam, please get in touch.



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