Modern tools for solving modern slavery

The Modern Slavery Act came into force today.

Amongst other things the Act requires agencies to refer, protect and support the victims. It is another area where multiple agencies need to come together to share information and work well together around the victim.

The big challenge for the agencies is that they are losing resources and don’t have time for more multi-agency meetings and can’t afford the additional reporting overheads. But of course the country and our communities can’t afford not to address the problem for victims so better ways of working are required. The good news for our customers is that we have already solved this challenge. Those working on our secure government network version of pam will be able to do this at no extra cost to their current solution work, in the cloud securely. It means less time spent in meetings, travelling and chasing information with more time spent on acting for the victim. We have integrated a national referral mechanism tracker and multi-agency panel management environment alongside our existing suite of tools that help coordinate and manage the victims in a multi-agency environment.

The longer term solution is obviously addressing the root cause around supply of victims into Modern Slavery and pursuing those who cause the threat and harm in the first place. Fortunately pam also helps police forces and their partners address that challenging side of the equation with our work around the serious organised crime strategy and in particular the lifetime management of Organised Crime Groups.

To learn more about our multi-agency solutions for victims of Modern Slavery or how we are helping address serious organised crime, get in touch:



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