We are all well-versed in the idea that sharing and organising are key components of successful organisations but what are each of these if they don’t lead to actually making things happen, creating change and delivering better outcomes? This is why the focus for pam is led by the desire to ‘make it happen’ (you can read more about this focus here).

There have been a number of factors at play lately that have led to a certain amount of inertia within the multi-agency working in the public sector: the general election, Transforming Rehabilitation, comprehensive spending reviews to name but a few. Whilst it can be a good idea to let the dust settle, see where the dice fall and other well-used sayings that generally lead to procrastination and delay, sometimes these things are the very reasons to actually do something positive, get ahead of the game and make a difference.

We’ve been spreading your stories about how you #shareit and #organiseit and now we want to know how you #makeithappen and what inspires you to do so. We would love you to get involved – you can follow us on @pampeople and tweet us your pictures and stories of what you’re doing, we’ll retweet all your great examples as well sharing a few of our own.

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