Innovative solutions to fight serious and organised crime

This is the second of two posts around how police and partners are coming together to combat serious and organised crime, and address the threat from Organised Crime Groups (OCGs).

Merseyside Police

Merseyside Police LogoSeen as one of the leading forces in the battle against serious and organised crime, Merseyside Police has been using pam for nearly 2 years and recently extended its use on the platform into a number of other areas. We are innovating with the force in an agile fashion, developing an integrated approach to how OCG’s are managed over their life.

This work includes using the Home Office standard 4P’s methodology (Pursue, Protect, Prevent and Prepare) for the operational work done digitally in pam. A new lifetime OCG management area links work together, to more easily understand the totality of the threat risk and harm, along with the work being done to address it.


“pam gives us a coordinated approach to deliver the 4Ps, and much more.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Richardson, Merseyside Police


The force has also recently added Protecting Vulnerable People (PVP) into its pam way of working too – providing significant benefits for the force and those partners  who use the platform. Reports of time savings for senior management include up to 25 hours per week on OCG management and PVP.

There is much more visibility and governance of work for better decision making.  It is helping drive down future demand. Officers and partners are out in the field and can get access by mobile and have the benefit from preconfigured frameworks and tools to aid their work. Results have included positive successes for the force in disrupting the harm being done to the Chinese community.

We are unable to publically show the detail of the OCG work for obvious reasons, but the force also uses pam for other areas. One recent example is how they now run command meetings, moving to a paperless environment.

This paperless move is how other parts of Merseyside have gone, the local probation CRC are also exhibiting savings and benefits from digital working with pam:

We have permission from the force and others to share these best practices from pam with forces and specific law enforcement agencies. There are also other initiatives in development that complement this thematic area. If you would like to learn more about how pam your work can help please get in touch with pam team:



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