Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN) adopts pam for secure partner working

Alliantist are excited to announce that another major contributor in the battle around Serious Organised Crime has chosen pam as its collaboration platform of choice for sensitive information sharing and joint working.  Access to intelligence on crime groups and the individuals involved is essential for effective disruption and prevention.

GAINLogoThe Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN) is a key multi-agency part of the systemic response to the growing threat this type of crime has on society which costs the country £24bn per annum [1] .

pam has been chosen by the GAIN to enable cost effective intelligence sharing and multi-agency collaboration on shared initiatives.  It is the only pan-government accredited cloud based software service[2] for secure working, and is already trusted by police forces and others in the criminal justice system.

The GAIN’s primary role is to act as a channel for the effective sharing of intelligence, within legislative boundaries, across a large network of partners including all police forces in England and Wales.  It also includes many enforcement agencies such as National Trading Standards Board and Gangmasters Licencing Authority.  Other key protection bodies like Intellectual Property Office and government departments like the Department of Work and Pensions are involved too.

Information sharing of any kind is a major challenge for government bodies and partners, not least because of differing systems and processes in use across organisations. Despite potentially involving over 100 organisations in the GAIN, pam overcomes that challenge by connecting the participants to work together safely, cheaply and with easy to use tools. That’s a good thing given the growing demand for GAIN services and the ongoing challenges to government budgets. With the increased participation of partners, timeliness and accuracy of intelligence provided it also means a likelihood of better outcomes.

Caroline Simpson, the National GAIN Coordinator, says “pam offers us a great way to enable the work of the GAIN, equipping our coordinators and partners with the tools they need to operate and collaborate well together.”


multi agency working on serious organised crime

The GAIN can also facilitate multi-agency disruption and enforcement work amongst its partners, as well as joint training and sharing of other resources.  pam will also be used to support these joint initiatives, as well as the internal management of the GAIN itself.



Mark Darby is CEO of Alliantist, the organisation behind pam.  He added “GAIN and the people involved in it are of major importance in the effective flow of intelligence that helps keep us safe and free from serious organised crime. By adding pam in to the network it delivers a powerful solution to some of the common technology and collaboration challenges that prevent multi-agency initiatives from truly delivering on their promise.”


[1]Home Office Serious Organised Crime Strategy 2013

[2] Up to IL3 Restricted information (for policing) or Official-Sensitive marked information (for other government agencies)

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