GAIN and GENGA Partners – responding to referrals using pam


This guide is for GAIN and GENGA partners using Tracks in pam to respond to requests for information. It will allow you to visually manage requests, assign them within your teams and report on the volume, type and category of the requests you receive.

This short (9min) video gives an overview of the process from the perspective of both a Coordinator and a Partner Agency responding to a referral.


Accessing your Track

From the Initiatives tab on your main navigation bar, select Tracks.

This will list all the Tracks visible to you. Click on the Track related to your organisation to view all requests in your queue.

The Track is divided into columns to help you visualise, track and manage your flow and volume of work across each stage of the process. As you change the status of a request it will move through these columns.

Initially the board will display all requests regardless of the user responsible for them. You can filter the view to show referrals assigned to one user, or those that are not assigned using the Show dropdown at the top of the page.

Responding to a request

When you have been asked to respond to a request it will appear in your To-do column. Click on the name of a request to open it and see the details.

Here you can see the Name and ID of that request as well as any additional details provided by the Coordinator.

You’ll also find the referral form document linked just below those details. Click the document name to download it and see what information has been requested.

When you are working on an item you can assign it to someone within your team by clicking on the Assigned to section and choosing a team member from the dropdown. You can do the same with the Status section to move the referral through the process and resolve it.  The coordinator who sent you the referral will be able to see your referral status and who its assigned to, so setting a referral to (for example) In Progress will let them know you are working on it.

When you’ve read the referral form document and prepared your answers, you can record them in the notes area as demonstrated above to make them visible to the Coordinator. You can also upload any documents that support your information by using the New Document button.

Once you’ve provided the information requested, change the status of the referral to Resolved. You will be asked to set an outcome. Choose “Positive” if you had information to share or “Negative” if you didn’t. This will allow the Coordinator to quickly see which responses had information. You can also mark a request as a duplicate, or that you have declined to respond.

Giving other people access to the Track

You can manage who in your organization has access to the Track by adding them into the team. In order to do this they will need a pam account.

To add someone to the team for your Track, click the team icon when viewing the main Track page:

Then type the name of the pam user you want to give access to and click Add.

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