Future proofing the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner

How time flies. With Current Police and Crime Commissioners gearing up for the re-election campaign on the horizon, it is a good time to reconsider Office activity. Regardless of who is elected, or what structure is imposed, the work of the office will still need to get done.  Ensuring it is prepared for the future is sensible for numerous reasons. These are highlighted nicely by a recent pam customer, The Gloucestershire Office of Police and Crime Commissioner:

“Connectivity, standards and information sharing are core to the OPCC’s work and pam is clearly becoming the standard for other OPCC’s and CJ agencies. pam enables us to do our critical work in a more agile way responding to the changes across policing and the needs of the communities we serve. We are delighted to be on this journey with the pam team.”

Paul Trott, Chief Executive of Gloucestershire OPCC

The Essex Office of Police and Crime Commissioner has already experienced the benefits of adopting pam. Essex, like others, are seeing the advantages of better ways of working that a future Police and Crime Commissioner (or equivalent) would be excited about walking into:

“pam is helping us collaborate effectively across both the OPCC and with local and national partners so together we can commission the best outcomes for the people of Essex….we chose pam because of its comprehensive functionality and excellent value for money.”

“pam is an absolute god send…” particularly from the correspondence and audit trail perspective”

Susannah Hancock, Chief Executive of Essex OPCC

We have been supporting the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner in Dorset longer than other offices. Both the PCC Martyn Underhill, and his Chief Executive, Dan Steadman, were passionate about giving Dorset the best value for money solution, not just for the Office but for their partners and the police force too:

“We have seen the power and potential of how it [pam] can join up the agencies to achieve great things together.”

Martyn Underhill, Police & Crime Commissioner for Dorset

“pam translates strategic vision into effective and efficient delivery……we simply could not do our work without using a platform that allows us to monitor our relationships, create new alliances, track correspondence, and generally oversee all the work in the office”

Dan Steadman Chief Executive of Dorset OPCC

Our blog in January 2015 told the story of Dorset and its high achieving PCC and OPCC.

Collaboration with Dorset PCC on an innovation fund bid which used Home Office money is delivering results in Dorset and beyond. What is more, pam is now packaged for the benefit of other Offices of Police and Crime Commissioners to use the service at even lower costs than was possible before. All of the new development is accessible for police forces and their partners at no additional cost.  

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