Domestic Abuse Awareness Week and the national roll-out of Clare’s Law

Domestic abuse is a serious societal issue, with shocking statistics stating that one third of women and almost one fifth of men experience it at some point in their lives.

Last week marked Domestic Abuse Awareness Week. Police forces have been clamping down on domestic abuse and, alongside charitable organisations such as Women’s Aid & Refuge, took the opportunity to use social media to raise awareness on the matter. Evidence suggests that it takes, on average, 35 incidents of abuse for a victim to come forward. Raising awareness and giving those being abused the

We also saw the national roll-out of the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme; otherwise know as Clare’s Law due to its connection to the tragic case of Clare Wood. This roll-out follows successful pilots by selected forces around the country. It gives those potentially at risk, their friends and relatives the ability to request information from the police to find out if a partner has a history of domestic abuse.confidence to come forward is vital in reversing these worrying trends.

While the Clare’s Law roll-out represents great progress in how forces across the country deal with domestic abuse, it will face the same challenges as with most multi-agency initiatives. At a time when a cash-strapped public sector needs to work as efficiently as possible, the inherent inefficiencies brought about by even more frequent face to face meetings and mountains of paperwork are not to be underestimated.

Some of the forces that we work with are starting to use pam to manage and improve their domestic abuse processes. Our domestic abuse solution, which has been developed alongside expert practitioners, enables secure and effective collaboration thanks to our UK first IL3 Pan-Government Accreditation.

What’s your opinion on Clare’s Law, and to what extent do you think it will have an impact on domestic abuse? Let us know in the comments section below!

If you would like to learn more about our domestic abuse solution, or find out if anything else in your world is pamable, contact us.

Photo Credits: Domestic Violence Hurts by Ghetto Guera29.

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