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Caroline Simpson uses pam software for multi-agency working - pam customer stories

Multi agency working

Caroline Simpson National GAIN Coordinator

The GAIN’s primary role is to act as a channel for the effective sharing of intelligence, within legislative boundaries, across a large network of partners including all police forces in England and Wales.

"pam offers us a great way to enable the work of the GAIN, equipping our coordinators and partners with the tools they need to operate and collaborate well together."

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Phil Whiteley

pam is worth its weight in gold. We work across a region with five different force systems and that can have challenges. Moving offices and virtual working is now so easy we have everything well structured with pam in one secure cloud location.

Phil Whiteley Chief Superintendent, East Midlands Police Collaboration
Steven Heywood

This will blow your socks off

Steven Heywood Asst. Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police
Paul Darby - pam customer stories

Restorative Justice

Paul Darby Victims Liaison and Reparation Services Manager, SWMPT

Paul Darby of SWMPT talks about Restorative Justice and pam.

"If you are working across different sectors and geographical networks as well, pam is the ideal network and communicator to bring that work together."

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Steven Heywood uses pam software for collaboration - pam customer stories


Steven Heywood Asst. Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police

Greater Manchester Police have used pam to create a 'virtual incident room' to complement their morning meetings. This has improved communication, keeping people up-to-date when people are out working.

"pam gives us the opportunity to have online discussions. We can agree tasking. We can agree what we're going to do about a problem and visually see what all the members of the team are contributing."

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Multi agency working

Neil Fellingham GAIN Coordinator South East

We hear about how pam has improved GAIN's processes and what it's like to work with the pam people.

"pam has brought it [information and process] into one place, made it portable and accessible, we can use it wherever we are and it means we're not using many systems; I'm using one system now."

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Martyn Underhill

We have seen the power and potential of how it [pam] can join up the agencies to achieve great things together.

Martyn Underhill Police and Crime Commissioner, Dorset

Victim Contact

John Wiseman CEO, originally Dorset Probation, now BGSW CRC

John Wiseman talks about why he decided to adopt the platform to improve victim contact.

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Mobile Working

Debbie Came Deputy Chief Executive, Essex Probation

pam's notification system has helped Essex Probation with their timely communication and mobile working.

"One of the benefits is that every time something happens on pam, you get an immediate notification ...if you're sitting at home, on the train, or in the office - which is great."

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Paul Richardson uses pam software for organised crime group management and disruption - pam customer stories

Organised crime group management and disruption

Paul Richardson Detective Chief Superintendent, Merseyside Police

pam helps restore the feeling of safety in Merseyside's Chinese community through delivery of the 4 p's framework.

"pam enabled us to deliver a very quick and effective response to the burglaries against the Chinese community. It offered us co-ordinated management that fulfilled the 4 p’s framework laid out by the government’s Serious Organised Crime strategy."

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Mary Archer OBE

Being able to work with higher levels of security means we can now do even more internally, and with partners on initiatives such as Integrated Offender Management

Mary Archer OBE Chief Executive, Essex Probation Trust