Cloud security exposes celebrities – how safe is your information?

Whilst I enjoy Jennifer Lawrence’s movies I’m not sure I’d go so far as others to (allegedly) hack her Icloud account to steal naked photos of her and publish them online.  It is widely reported that other services like Google and Dropbox have been hacked in the recent past too.  jennifer-lawrencemain-1902085

Latest feedback is saying that the celebrities actually had their personal log in details stolen.  Either way, having personal and other information left more vulnerable is one of the biggest risks from cloud provision.  And you would expect effective safeguards from world leading cloud providers, wouldn’t you?

It’s no surprise to customers of Alliantist and users of pam that we put trust and security right at the heart of our work, not least because we tend to have much more valuable and sensitive information than naked celebrities on the platform!

Government has set the bar high for providers of cloud services that can host information up to IL3/RESTRICTED and the new OFFICIAL level with marking up to OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE.  We are currently the only provider in our category who meets all of them and these include:

  • Public Service Network Accreditation (PSNA)
  • G-Cloud Pan-Government Accreditation for up to IL3 levels
  • UKAS approved ISO 27001: 2013 Accreditation
  • HMG Security Policy Framework compliance
  • RMADS signed and approved by CESG

Some of this might look a bit ‘buzzwordish’ but unlike Jennifer who plays Mystique  in the X-men franchise there is little mystery behind effective cloud security.  A quick check on whether the recognised standards above are held by your provider will give you an idea of whether your information is at high risk or not.

As government continues to get to grips with information risk management these standards will become much more commonplace, but in the meantime you should be checking how safe your hosting provider is and what assurances they can give you that your data is secure.  It might not be worthy of an Oscar like Jennifer got for Silver Linings Playbook, but more than likely will achieve front page news of a different kind if you get exposed………

To learn more about how pam can give you confidence and assurance for your valuable information, contact us now.

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