Time to make it happen

Jordan_Make_It_Happen_Small Our strapline for pam has been ‘better results, together’ since we first starting working on a pam cloud service back in 2008. In that time we have helped many organisations and their partners achieve that outcome, and also pushed and stretched the meaning of pam too.

When I first coined pam, it stood for Partner & Alliance Manager to complement my book and I even trademarked it at the time.

Fast forward a few years post 2008 economic meltdown and we had numerous customers using pam for much more; sweating their asset better than some of the generic ‘one trick’ pony collaboration tools on the market. It then made sense to re brand pam to ‘Platform for Achieving More.’ This was well received as it helped open the mind of customers and prospects to the power of pam. Indeed some were asking themselves if they could ‘pam it’ in other areas of work and, of course, we were keen to help where we could.

‘Can you pam it’ then took centre stage in 2014 where we dropped the acronym for pam and it just became pam, with a new domain of www.pam-it.com.

An interesting yet frustrating side effect happened; some people started to refer to us as pam IT (as in Information Technology). That needed to be corrected as the intent for ‘it’ was simply about pamming your work, whatever ‘it’ was. pam is the service and it is simply called pam; no acronym, no other meaning, just pam!

So why shift our strapline now? Two main goals:

1 – ensuring that ‘it’ is your work, not an acronym for IT. We have a campaign being planned for extending the ‘it’ philosophy which will be fun and meaningful as well. Look out for that and perhaps take part too.

2 – ‘better results together’ is an intended outcome for all who use pam and those users who execute well, achieve their goals. It’s good and will still form part of our success mantra for those who use pam, especially for collaboration based work. However much of our supportive energy, and what pam does, is actually helping make that happen, enabling those results. We have decided to emphasise that earlier part of the success lifecycle to stimulate the drive to make it happen…….we have bags of drive and energy here at pam and really want to work with people that are keen for change. Our new strapline reinforces that, so if you genuinely want to make things happen we want pam to be part of that with you.

Keen observers will also notice that we are freshening up the pam brand and making some other changes as we continue to grow. More on that another day.

In summary, pam can support simple sharing and working together, to enabling much more specialist yet affordable solutions delivered securely through a trusted cloud for public service or private sector. Whatever work ‘it’ is, pam can help you make it happen. Contact us now to learn more and lets see if we can help you pam it.

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