Notification of new Track Items


You can set up a track in pam to notify you when a new item has been added to the track. This is particularly useful if you are using Tracks to responding to GAIN or GENGA referrals or are using the email in feature of Tracks.


To activate, edit or remove a notification of new track items you will need to have Administer rights over the track in question.

  1. Click on to the settings cog in the top right of the track area
  2. Find the grey panel with the heading “Notification of new Track Items” and click the edit pencil for that panel
  3. You will see tick boxes next to the names of each team member of the Track, simply tick those you want to be notified when a new item is added.

How it Works

When a new item is added to the track those people set up to receive notifications will get an email containing the item name and the name of the person who created it.

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