Disruption Tool


The disruption tool allows you to log, edit and review tactical disruptions undertaken against Organised Crime groups or Individuals. Disruptions can be ‘tagged’ to projects or subjects in pam allowing you to see all the disruption work that has taken place against a group overall or as part of a specific operation.

Reporting against disruptions is also available with statistics tailored to match the national reporting required by ROCUs and the NCA


Navigating to Disruption Tool

There are two ways you can access this disruption tool, via the tools menu in the initiative drop down in the main navigation or via the tools tab within a Project or Subject inititative area.

1) Via main navigation – from the initiatives drop down menu select Tools .

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.12.52

Within the tools area click on View Disruptions to see the current logged Disruptions. This will give you an unfiltered list of all the disruptions you have access to, including those logged by other people. The disruptions and presented in order of most recent – By clicking on an appropriate column the results will be reorganised to reflect that (Date of Disruption, Date updated and Created by).

Disruption Step 2

2) Via a Project or Subject – Access the initiative you want to view or add disruptions for and click the tools tab. Under the Built in tools section you will see a tool listed called Disruptions click on that.

Disprution OCG

Accessing the tool this way filters the list of disruptions to just show disruption relation to that initiative, including those added by other people. The disruptions and presented in order of most recent – By clicking on an appropriate column the results will be reorganised to reflect that (Date of Disruption, Date updated and Created by).

Adding an event to the Disruption Tool

To add a new Disruption click on Add Disruption, You will be prompted to add the description of the new  Disruption, along with the following details

  • The initiative the disruption relates to
  • Date of disruption (this will be used for determine the reporting period a disruption falls into)
  • The 4P’s area addressed by that disruption
  • The threat type addressed by the disruption
  • The impact of the disruption and your rationale for that impact
  • ROCU users can also indicate the capabilities used and the geographic impact
Disruption Step 3

You can also add details of any output of the Disruption by clicking on Add Output. You can to select as many relevant categories as possible ranging from arrests and years sentenced through to items seized and type.

Disruption Step 6

Once you have added all relevant information to save and create the Disruption click on Create Disruption. This will then add the Disruption to the main list – From here, if needed, the disruption can be reopened and edited to reflect changes in the situation.

Adding users to the Disruption Tool

Like other initiatives within the pam platform access to this tool is governed by a team. An administrator is able to add additional team members by selecting the Add Team Member button you will be prompted  for an email address of an existing pam user. Once Save Roles has been selected then the user will be added to the Team.


By selecting the Reporting tab above the list of Disruptions you will be presented with a new screen that summarises the disruption data for a certain time period. By selecting a date range, the page will refresh to reflect the period in question.

Disruption Reporting 2

Filtering Disruption Type

You are able to filter the existing Disruptions through two ways.

  • Filter by OCG/Project name via the drop down list above the total Disruption list.
  • Filter by Threat Type via a drop down list above the total Disruption list.
Disruption Filter


Need more help?

For more information on the Disruption Tool, and other initiatives, contact your pam administrator. Alternatively, for technical support, you can raise a request via the help section within pam or call us direct on 01273 041 042 or send us an email to support@pam-it.com

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