Editing your Organisation profile and settings


pam Administrators have the power to edit the organisation profile and settings by clicking 'My organisation' in the top right hand corner. The organisation profile is what other members of the pam community see when they search for you or find you in the pam community area, and it's a good place to upload public documents and provide appropriate contact details.


About Us

This is where you can state your organisations goals, responsibilities and provide organisational information. Including;

  • A link to the organisation’s website
  • Details of the lead contact for the organisation (often a chief executive or representative of the organisation)
  • Address of Head Office
  • The ability to upload and show public organisation documents that may be of interest

The organisation profile can be edited by clicking on the Profile settings tab found immediately next to Your organisation profile.

Profile settings

If you are a pam Administrator for your organisation you can edit the organisation profile by clicking on the Profile Settings tab. This will allow you to:

  • Upload a optional thumbnail photo for your organisation
  • Set the visibility of your organisation and who can see it in the pam community area
  • Set the primary contact
  • Upload any public documents you wish to share with your organisation and partners

Registered users

This is a key area of your organisation as it’s here where you can add new users and change the permissions of the existing users. You can:

  • View all users within your organisation
  • Edit a users permissions and settings
  • User contact details and direct link to their profile in pam
  • View users who have been deactivated

Your pam administrators

This is a list of other users with pam Administration rights in your organisation.

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