Creating and Administering an Account


Accounts enable you to manage key relationships, contacts and contracts with the organisations you work with. Using Accounts you can maintain a detailed record of all aspects of the relationship, including any joint initiatives, in one place..


Navigating to Accounts

Find Accounts in the Initiatives dropdown menu on your main navigation bar

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  • People on the team for an Account can view or edit it depending on their role within the team
  • New Accounts can only be created by users with Portfolio Administrator access, which can be assigned to a user by a pam Administrator
  • Portfolio Administrators and Senior Executives can view all existing accounts
  • Partner users can be created by pam Administrators during account set up

Creating an Account

  1. Select Accounts from the Initiative drop down menu
  2. You will be presented with a list of all the Accounts you have visibility of
  3. Click the New Account button

This screen will allow you to search and see if this Organisation already exists in pam, preventing the creation of duplicates.

If you find the Organisation already exists, simply select them from the list to add them as an Account. If the Organisation is not already in pam, simply click the ‘Create’ button to set up a new one

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Basic Organisation details

This page will be populated with the name and website (if entered) from the previous screen, if you are happy with those details click ‘Next’.

Visibility of organisation profile page in the community

You’ll find a description of each visibility setting at this step, choose which is most appropriate for the account you’re creating and click ‘Next’.

Do you want representatives from this Organisation to access pam and work with you?

This option allows you to create a pam partner user so you can work in pam with someone from that Organisation. pam partners cannot create new Initiatives in pam but can interact with anything you add them as a team member of.

If you select ‘yes’, you will open Step 4, which allow you to set up a primary Contact for the Account and invite them to pam.

You have now completed the basic stages of setting up an Account, select ‘Finish’ to create the Account.

Adding Team members

You’ll now be prompted to add Team members to the Account so you can start to build a shared picture of the work that needs to get done.

Administering Accounts

The tabs across the top of an Account allow you to view Documents, Discussions, Tools and KPIs, but accounts also add some unique features that allow you to manage your partner relationships, these are Contacts and Contracts.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 16.17.12

Account Settings

The Account Settings page (top right of screen) allows various customisations to the Account including:

  • The start and end date of the Account
  • A unique identifier
  • A description of that Account
  • The Account type
  • The ability to upload a picture
  • The ability to delete the Account
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