Contracts in Accounts


The Contracts area within Accounts lets you simply manage the contractual details of your relationship with that Account. It is designed to allow you to see at a glance the financial and business impact of each Contract.

Key features of Contracts

  • Details are captured in a standard way and displayed within the appropriate account
  • Automatically prompt pam users to undertake contractual reviews or plan for renewals
  • Upload supporting documents and information using built in tools
  • Manage the performance of the Contracts using KPIs and tasks
  • At a glance updates of progress using the notes area

The Contracts area is accessible via the Contracts tab option within each Account. Here you will find a list of all Contracts relating to that account, sorted by their type: Income, Expenditure and Non-Financial. You can also see the total value of all Contracts with that Organisation.

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Viewing and Editing Contracts

By clicking on the name of the Contact you will be taken into the details for that Contract. There you can edit the details, upload Documents, set Tasks and collaborate on the management of that Contract.

Creating a new Contract

To create a new Contract, click on the ‘New’ button within the Contracts area of an Account. You’ll be taken to a setup that contains three sections. Basics, Management and Financials (please note the Financials section only appears once the Basics section has been completed).


Here you can provide a name your Contract, and if you choose, can give it a brief description.

You will need to select a type from the financial type dropdown menu to indicate whether this Contact is; Income, Expenditure or Non Financial. You can then select the current Status of the Contract (eg: live and ongoing) from the dropdown menu.



Select a start and end date for your Contract, and assess its importance and risk. You may also wish to select a lead for both yours and the Accounts organisation, and insert the notice period for the Contract.



Record the total value and further financial details of your Contract, and then click the blue Create button.contract-financials

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