Contacts in Accounts


Using contacts within Accounts is a great way to collaborate with your team members around relationships with specific individuals in customer, supplier or partner organisations. You can use the notes area to record interactions and work well together with Documents, Discussions and Tasks.

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Create a new contact

Navigate to Accounts and select the Contacts tab as shown above, then click ‘Create’. Begin inputting contact information into the form shown below, if the contact you’re creating is already a user of pam they will appear in a list to the right, select that user to pull details from their pam profile.

You can choose to have a contact reminder sent to yourself or another member of the Account team at a frequency of your choice.

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Record interactions

Using the Notes area to record interactions with your contacts is a great way to ensure your team is always aware of the most recent updates. You can choose which interaction type you’re writing about and then notify team members of it in real time. Many people use contact notes to paste emails for a more efficient audit trail, and even use the area to take notes whilst on a phone call to avoid duplicating work.

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