pam solutions: Serious & Organised Crime

Joining up the response to Serious & Organised Crime

Serious & Organised Crime costs UK society more than £24bn per annum*. The best way to assess and address the Risk, Response and Results is by agencies and their partners working together. pam enables police forces, Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs) including the Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN), National Crime Agency and many national and local agencies to collaborate on initiatives from one secure place in the cloud. They get better results at lower cost and risk, in quicker time than alternative ways of working.

An indicative scope for a police force and its partners in terms of how much they can achieve from pam is shown below. Variations on this blueprint are available for ROCUs, GAIN and the NCA as well as other law enforcement agencies. Users can follow and develop best practice to Pursue Organised Crime groups, Protect and Prepare vulnerable people and communities, as well as Prevent and reduce demand from this type of crime in future.

SOC rev1.2

Depending on priorities, appetite for change and budget, customers can start with one aspect of the solution or adopt the whole package. It is quickly and easily procured over the GCloud.

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Due to the nature of the work being done on the platform we are unable to publicly share case studies and detailed examples on the website. However for relevant personnel we can share much more and demonstrate the platform in practice. Please contact us using the quick entry form below.



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    *Home Office Serious & Organised Crime Strategy 2013