pam solutions: Public Order event management and multi-agency community facing projects

Making Public Order Event Management Easier

There are thousands of planned marches, parades and protests taking place throughout the UK each year. The right to freedom of peaceful assembly is a core value upheld by our police forces so it is essential that they are able to manage these and other public order events successfully. Future community cohesion and cooperation relies on that.

By using purpose built templates based on the National Decision Making Model (NDM) pam enables forces to manage public order events well and efficiently. Partners can also work well together from the one place, saving time and money whilst giving everyone planning and preparing for the event a consistent view of what is happening. It includes shared tools for project working, risk management and stakeholder engagement and progress monitoring alongside the NDM.


Constable Scott Leven from the Force Coordination Unit at Merseyside Police describes what work was like before pam, and how pam is helping coordinate events, including the planning and management leading up to and beyond the event itself. Watch the video below and read this blog post.

Want to know more?

Due to the nature of the work being done on the platform we are unable to publicly share case studies and detailed examples on the website. However for relevant personnel we can share much more and demonstrate the platform in practice. Please contact us using the quick entry form below.



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