A Changing Landscape: Innovative Partnering in the Public Sector

We’re constantly innovating at Alliantist, which is why many leaders in the changing public sector environment are teaming up with pam to work together. One Team Policing, a consultancy set up by two experienced leaders in criminal justice, are working with Alliantist on a number of initiatives to transform the CJ system. Like the CJ and Probation landscapes, Fire Services are also facing similar challenges, in that they need to do more with less. As such, members of Alliantist met with one of the country’s chief fire officers to innovate around local resilience forum working and civil contingency planning. It has become evident that this new landscape is creating a need for social-based innovation, and pam is at the centre of this transformation.

The key to succeeding in this brave new world lies in partnering. By adapting and working together, organisations can tap into the wider ecosystem and work in a more joined up fashion. Giving and receiving help is a powerful tool in our modern age, and with so many public services merging, sharing has become the way forwards. Operating in seclusion has proven to be an outdated mode of working, and the sleeker paradigm of collaboration is now an integral part of surviving and thriving within this environment.

My fellow Northern Customer Success Manager and ray of sunshine, Tracy Smith, came down to Brighton this week for a visit. Though we frequently collaborate on pam, it’s always good to have some face-time, so she and I got together to catch up and make plans for the future. As CSMs, we spend the most time with our customers and therefore represent their voice within Alliantist. As such, we frequently give customer feedback to the development team so they can take ideas forwards.

One result of this feedback system has come to life this week in the form of an enhanced top navigation bar within pam. You’ll notice a cleaner, more efficient top menu that is easier to navigate and shows Initiatives under one umbrella. In addition, you may have noticed the Search field at the top of pam now has a “Refine your search” function so that you can focus results and then search for your work, saving time.

I certainly learned the value of sharing feedback and knowledge this week when Tracy and I went bowling one evening after our CSM meeting. She’s an experienced bowler, and I was no match for her skill on the lanes. After several gutter balls on my part, Tracy stepped in and gave me some tips: keep your eyes on the pins, use a lighter ball and stay consistent in your technique. After considering her advice, I began to knock down pin after pin, and I was soon racking up spares and strikes. To return the favour, I shared my victory dance techniques with Tracy so she could add some flair to her game. With our combined knowledge, we certainly turned some heads, and I would definitely say our collaboration made the evening a success.

To contact either Tracy Smith or Marie Ellis to share feedback or thoughts, find them in the Community section of pam.

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