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pam people show their fun side

In running a small organisation with some of the team remote workers, it’s important to find quality time to spend together face to face. We have a quarterly meeting where we try and get all the staff together, and last week … Read more


Most clouds have a silver lining, but pam is considered gold as East Midlands Police Collaboration extends use of the trusted service.

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There might be a slight mixing of metaphors from the title to the testimonial below, but whichever way you look at it, pam is delivering real value for the East Midlands Police Collaboration Programme.  The programme has been using pam … Read more


pam for Transformation and Change

Criminal and Social Justice is all about making change for the better.  Thats why we love working within those sectors and using pam’s capability to equip practitioners to get their job done well. This is a world that is going through lots of … Read more

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